The GTA 5 game is available on phones and tablets, so it’s playable everywhere, whenever you want. You can now play Grand Theft Auto in a way that suits you best after downloading and installing gta 5 apk, whether that’s on a big tablet or using a phone to take the game on the road with you wherever you go.

The latest GTA 5 game was just released for Android to play, and Rockstar took their time on this one. The graphics are great, there are plenty of new missions to do, and you have new weapons at your disposal. Here are the five best features that made this game so great.

  1. Play It Online

Grand Theft Auto fans can play together online in a massive open world for the first time. Choose your playstyle; be a team player, a leader or anything in-between. You’ll experience the entire Grand Theft Auto universe and play with friends and goes from all around the world.

Play it online with others and Enjoy multiplayer missions with up to six players. Or take on the world’s most fearsome crime bosses by yourself. Thousands of players are playing this game simultaneously and constantly find new things to do and accomplish.

  1. New vehicles And Weapons

More than 200 vehicles and motorcycles, plus new aircraft that give you a sense of the freedom of movement. More powerful, personal and fun to use than ever before. There are even more weapons to find than in any other GTA game, including grenade launchers, mini-guns and explosive laser beams. If you want to drive Lamborghini, Audi and more popular cars, you can drive these cars in GTA 5 game.

  1. Immersive world

Explore a sprawling metropolis with an endless number of side quests and hidden secrets. Take on epic co-op missions or test your skills in vicious heists. And if you want to go it alone, the world is so huge and detailed that you’ll always have something to do. You can even fight with other characters in this game for fun.

  1. Multiple Characters

One of the most exciting new features is switching between different characters at will and playing missions as them. You can even play online with your friends if you have time. Your character has not only a standard appearance but also a unique personality. Choose your style with the new customization options and spend money discovering new outfits and weapons.

  1. Improved Pedestrian Model

Player models are more realistic than ever before with hundreds of varieties of clothing and visuals, including facial expressions, and it looks even better in 3D. This is a feature that makes this game so awesome. The general graphics have been overhauled for smartphones rather than being left for computers.

These five are the best features of the GTA 5 game, and you can play Grand Theft Auto on your Android device for free after downloading gta 5 apk, but you need to purchase the in-app purchases to do things like improve your car or unlock new areas.

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