Have you taken to the decision to play online slot games? If yes, there are some questions the answers must be cleared in your mind. What are the different types of machines available in online casinos? How does this machine work? Getting an answer to these questions will provide you with a better opportunity of winning the games in the future.

The most reliable online casinos like situs judi slot online provide thousands of options to the players. The variety in the machines ranges from the touch screen to the video slot machines. In past years, players have to visit the casinos and pull the lever.

But now, as the players play the games on the online platform, they will have to press the button, which will result in the machine’s working. So now will discuss in detail the various types of devices that are available as an option for the people:

Single coin machines

Single coin machines were the most popular machines of the traditional. We talk about the current scenario then, they are a bit absolutes in the environment, but still, some of the players prefer to use this machine to play the game of their choice.

Due to this, some developed platforms like situs judi slot online still provide single coin machines as an option for the players.


These are the machines invented after the depletion of the use of single coin machines takes place. A player has to insert more than one coin into this kind of machine. As for the coin that the player had deposited, his payout ratio will be decided.

The introduction of this machine took in the year 1987 by bally. The player’s winning chances will depend on the number of coins that the player inserts into the machine.

Multiple pay line machines

In general, a slot machine used to have just a single pay line right in the middle of the screen. Symbols that will appear on the pay line during the stop of the machine will be the deciding factor regarding the amount of winning of the players.

But as the technology quoted was, even people introduced the devices that used to have more than one pay line to provide better winning chances to the players. Currently, the player can find a machine that will give him with 2,3,5 or even more paylines numbers.

Big berthas 

Big berthas are the giant slot machine that has seen tillage in online casinos. The placement of these devices usually lies at the front of the online casinos; it works as an attraction for the players. They are generally equipped with three-four or even more reels.

When the negative effect of these types of machines is that they do not offer a high payout percentage to the players

Multi Games Machine

Players generally love to play different games to maintain their interest. Therefore, keeping in mind the choice of the players, the invention of the multi-game machines took place.

In this machine, the player can shift to another game when they get bored of playing a single game. Mainly they provide poker, baccarat, and poker as the games to play.

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