Instagram has become one of the most popular social media applications have almost 1 billion plus downloads. Most people like to use this application because of the amazing features that they offer to the users.

Developers of this application make an update every week to provide some new features and fix the problems that users are facing. They must make updating regularly because of the huge traffic on the application.

1. Option to Add Multiple Accounts on One Device:

This is a great feature that attracts many new people to start using this application. Here you get to know how to add multiple accounts:

  1. If you are using an android or ios device then you will get the three horizontal lines option at the top of the right corner on your smartphone.
  2. There you will see multiple options and scroll down then there you will get add account option.
  3. After clicking on it, just enter the username and password or create a new account, and you are logged in to the account.

If you want to check how many accounts are login into your device just press on your username and there you get the list of all accounts. By double tapping, the profile picture that you see at the bottom of your mobile phone can be able to switch to a different account. If you are looking for making your account look better then have a look at the site.

2. Hide Likes and Comments on Your Post:

In the initial Instagram is not much popular among people because of its simple features. After the introduction of new features, this application becomes so famous. Now there are many fantastic features that users can make the right use of it.

To hide likes and comments on your post all you need is to open the particular post on which you would like to apply this feature. After that, click on the three dots and there you get the hide like and turn off comment option.

3. Add a Link in the Bio and Swipe up the Story

With the help of this option, popular people can make money by adding a link in their bio and making swipe up the story. Many brand pages contact popular Instagram pages and accounts to make their product famous and in return, they pay some money to them.

4. Use Filters

This feature plays a great role in making Instagram popular among people. This feature is mostly useful for photographers to make their photos more attractive and unique. Along with it you can also search and make the filters into the favorite section.

5. Make Highlight Your Stories

Instagram stories are automatically removed after 24 hours. But there is now an option to achieve where you can see the deleted stories and posts and add a highlight to their profile. With this amazing feature, people can save the collection of the best stories and keeps them for a long time. Many business accounts use this feature as a business strategy and highlight the message that they want to give to their new followers.

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